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A story of infinite possibilities


Meet Jessica

Hello, my name is Jessica. My company, IP Candles all started because, well, I'm a candle addict! I started making candles after the birth of my first child. Like many first-time mommas, I researched everything, right down to my store bought candles. What I found in my candles just disgusted me -- lead, benzine, and a handful of other carcinogens were all found in my pretty petroleum candles. At that moment, I decided I would make my own.

After hours of research and many fails, this hand-poured, soy candle was born. It wasn't long before friends and family, and their friends and family were requesting my candles. 

Y'all know the expression "life throws you curveballs," right? After my second child, I went through some really trying medical issues and fast forward three years, I realized what was truly important in my life. I wanted time back with my family. 

I worked full-time as a surgical assistant, and I really did enjoy my work and my office but something was still missing. Soon after, I took a leap of faith not knowing exactly where I would land. Six months later Infinite Possibilities was born. 

IP Candles is mine. I get to call the shots. I have the opportunity to build a company that stands on honest and good morals. We only use the best ingredients so you can breathe without worry. 

That's not the end of our story -- my goal is to find ways to spread light in a world that can feel pretty dark at times. I want to give people hope and motivation to take risks, believe in oneself, and make your own dreams come true. That's where our name came from -- our purpose is to remind you that the dream you've been pondering is indeed possible. 

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