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Let's honor our Heros with a sale. 

Get 20% off sitewide, from now till Monday!


Our candles are made with soy,

no paraffin and we use only the

cleanest ingredients.


Stay on the lookout for our custom blends. 


Happy Memorial


May Candle of the month

Grass & Blooms

Inspired by the GAP Grass perfume, this custom creation started at the request of someone who found an old bottle in a box. As her head filled with memories, she knew she had to have it in a candle. After loads of testing, Grass & Blooms was born and is now a personal favorite.

This candle is beautiful both inside and out. Just like her.


This candle is infused with Lemongrass, Bergamot, and Lavender.

Naturally Simple

Our soy wax is pure and natural. Our promise is to use only the best ingredients. You can trust that we will not use harmful chemicals or synthetic fragrances in our candles. We want our customers to breathe without worry. An extra bonus, these 8 oz. jars burn between 45 - 55 hours. When you don't use gas, the candle burns lower and slower. It's amazing how that works. Pure is always better.


I absolutely love these candles and stopped buying candles from the big name companies. The scents are amazing and the customer service is excellent. I also love the opportunity to support a quality small business."


"Absolutely love my candles that I received. My husband even lights them up first thing in the morning! The fragrance is just enough without overpowering your house with some synthetic stuff that will leave you with a headache. We had one burning from 7:30 am till 4:30 pm and it was a slow burn and I was amazed. These candles makes your house smell and feel cozy.  I’m a forever customer. Thanks IP for providing a wonderful scent and great customer service!"

Rachele l, Lombard


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