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Did you ever imagine a time where we'd be stressing out over toilet paper and cleaning supplies? Or dreaming about going back to work because staying home all day, every day is way more exhausting than our 40-hour workweek… I think I can speak for us all that COVID-19 is a name that we will never forget.


During a time that is very scary for our world, I wanted this month’s candle to help us find a little joy and peace during a stressful time. Since many of our homes are streaming Netflix on our TVs and tablets, April’s Candle of the Month was inspired by a silly Netflix-themed meme I came across -- Quarantine & Chill.


This candle is for you. It’s for me. It’s for a friend or family member who could use a reason to smile or a little something to help them relax, as we navigate these unchartered waters.  With a blend of vetiver, chamomile, lavender, and patchouli essential oils, this candle was made to help you kick back...and chill. Maybe for you, that means lighting the candle first thing in the morning, or maybe you really need a little something to help you relax at the end of your hard day -- whatever your reason, we support it.  


So take a deep breath, my friends and Quarantine, and Chill. Cause this to shall pass. ❤


This candle is infused with Vetiver, Lavender, Chamomile, and Patchouli essential oils 

Quarantine & Chill

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$9.38Sale Price
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