Alright hear me out! You remember those teenage days, getting all dressed up to go to the mall with your friends. Using extra Aqua Net to make sure your perfect wave stays put.

For the finishing touch, Your favorite body spray that, you drenched yourself in right before you left the house.  My favorite spray was Plumeria, I couldn't get enough of it.

When I smell this one, I immediately go back to these times.

I hope it brings back some memories for you. 


Aloha, floral fans, and breathe deeply the nostalgia of our 90's Plumeria candle. A popular flower used for Hawaiian leis, Plumeria is a uniquely sweet and juicy smelling flower. Infused with the essence of the sea, this spring scent has aquatic notes that give this candle an added depth. 


This candle is infused with clove leaf, ylang ylang, and jasmine essential oils.

90's Plumeria