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Candles for a Cause

Featuring Jessica Prothe
In collabration with Stand Tall AFC & Making Strides

Hi! I’m Jessica Prothe
I am a registered nurse and graduate nursing student at Northern Illinois University. I am devoted to patient advocacy and increasing the health and wellness of all. My knowledge and focus are on women’s health including diseases and illnesses related to implantable devices. My nursing education, knowledge, and expertise are my strengths and I am blessed to be able to use my skill to serve the community and improve patient safety.
I am a nurse-patient safety advocate and I support all that pertains to breast health including breast cancer. I am looking to bring illness-specific care to breast implant illness (BII) and breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). I am a BII survivor and thriver and my experience with BII has led to the passion that
I have for all that I do pertaining to population health specifically women’s health.


Her Mission

My mission is to improve patient safety from a population health standpoint and I am doing so by universally
implementing universal screening for implantable devices. Universal screening for implantable devices is a
screening tool that can be used by everyone worldwide. This screening tool enables the early identification of
implantable device-related diseases and illnesses such as BII and BIA-ALCL. My ultimate goal is to spread
awareness and facilitate illness-specific care in a timely manner. This is a true gift to anyone with an illness related
to an implantable device.
I am collaborating with IP candles in order to give back and serve the community. I want to serve the ultimate
healthcare stakeholder which is the patient. My first experience with IP candles was through a fundraiser and I
quickly found out I not only loved IP candles but I loved the story behind the candle. A clean candle for a good
cause! A perfect combination and instantly my light was ignited! With the help of IP candles, Operation Stronger
Together was born. Candles that are designed specifically for awareness, health, healing, and inclusion. These
candles are made and distributed to increase women’s breast health awareness and raise funds for crucial research needed pertaining to breast cancer, BII, and BIA-ALCL.

About Candles for a Cause

IP candles was super excited to collaborate with Jessica. We came up with two candles that truly are more than "just a candle."  They are special! Our hope is that when you light one, you will be reminded that we are always Stronger Together and  strength does come in numbers. More importantly we hope it reminds you that in whatever situation you're in, you are never alone. Check out the Candles Jessica Came up with. 


$4 will be donated for each candle sold under Jessica's Fundraiser.  Money Earned will be donated to the following organizations
Follow our new friends on their social. Click the image below.

Making strides aganist breast cancer
stand tall AFC

Candles in the Cause

Beautiful Day: undergoing an explant surgery to remove an implantable device is difficult yet it’s a wellness and healing enabling journey. Step 1 of this journey begins with a surgical procedure to remove the device. Immediately following the surgical intervention, the body will begin to heal. Many patients report coming back to life or finding the light after being stuck in darkness. The time after surgery should be calm and restful. Lighting Beautiful Day begins the process of not only physically but mentally healing from a difficult health journey. A calming atmosphere
to clear the mind and body is needed and Beautiful Day is a way to induce this space and acquire the mental focus that is needed to set a positive mindset.

Stronger Together: Breast cancer patients who have undergone breast implant surgery are at risk for BII and/or BIA-ALCL. The BII, BIA-ALCL, and breast cancer patient populations are often the same patient population
meaning the patient not only has breast cancer but also has BII and/or BIA-ALCL. There is strength in numbers and in order to adequately serve these patient populations, a combined patient population approach is needed. We must support the BII, BIA-ALCL, and breast cancer patient populations by combining efforts and forming one patient population. The candle Stronger Together represents any and all illness and disease that can occur within the human body most notably related to breast and implantable devices. Operation Stronger Together is a mindset that all
diseases and illnesses are welcome as this mindset and focus support all.

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